Celery in a Minute – Healing Benefits of Celery

Celery – the Balancer

For the hot and bothered types

Celery has been used as a traditional medicine for centuries , and has so many benefits for modern day illnesses. We don’t need an other worldly being to tell us, (no offence Medical Medium )

Celery is a detoxifier. Clearer of fluid congestion.

Ideal for

Aching joints

Fluid retention

Celery is an alkaliser in an acidic world, providing inflammatory properties.

Balance the body, with its mineral rich source of potassium, magnesium, sodium, silica. Potassium protects bones from salt rich processed foods unfortuinely common in many peoples diets. Calcium is pulled  from our skeletal system to buffer the salt,  with a potassium rich herb they are protected from this. 

When stress and weight gain are intertwined, rewarded with swollen fingers. Celery reduces swelling as a diuretic  bringing relief to #rheumatism, #arthritis and #gout. 

#Diabetics do well with celery in a herbal blend for its fluid balancing nature on the liver, kidneys and adrenals

Magnesium calms the nerve and muscles tissues. Silica builds healthy nails, hair and teeth, strong bones and a resilient to nerve wreath. Slicia is natures anti banging mineral, keeping our skin and body nice and supple. 

Those in need of celery will crave warm water, to drink, to bathe to swim in.

Celery can be taken as medicine in the form of juice or tinctured extracts.

The celery seed condense the magic and can also be used as a extract or thrown into soup, stews and sauces.




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