Legumes and their Health Benefits

Do you dread the upcoming coughs and colds season?  Are you the type that seems to catch every sniffle, cough, cold, lurgy, bug that you come in contact with? Then there are those you swear hunt you down and latch on tight. Perhaps your children or love ones are vulnerable? The good news is there are strategies to put in place to strengthen your body so you can start winter without the fear.

Lets start simply, with our diet. While supplements can and do have a role in regaining health nothing beats our food and fresh juices for optimum nutritional intake. Here we find all we need wrapped in natures gifts, clean, unprocessed, natural wholefoods. The closer a food is now to how it was in nature, the better it is for you, it really is that simple.

To strengthen our immunity include these foods in your diet as wholefoods and in a fresh daily juice.

Vitamin C and bioflavonoids – In foods these two are always associated together. Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory decreasing your risk to infections. They are found in citrus fruits, kiwi fruit, tomatoes, broccoli, capsicum, rockmelon.

Vitamin D – get out in the sun! we spend so much time indoors now that many of us are lacking this important vitamin. Also found in oily fish, egg yolk, sprouted seeds, mushrooms.  Improve levels with daily doses of fermented cod liver oil or the most perfect way. ..   soak in the sunlight.

Vitamin A – Anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. Vitamin A helps to strengthens the mucous lining of the respiratory system. It has been a tradition in many european countries to daily dose of cod liver oil at the begining of Autumn, an ideal habit for asthma sufferers or those susceptible to chest colds, broncoitis and/or croup.   Vitamin A precursor beta carotene, is found in red and yellow coloured vegetables so the plantbased folk need to to focus on these colours and other sources such as  whole grain cereals, wheat germ,  kale, alfalfa, spinach and apricots.

Zinc – An important mineral in general and a lack of zinc reduces our immunity to sickness. Found in  whole grains, brewers yeast, pumpkin seeds,  garlic, and animal products such as red meats, liver, diary, egg yolk,.

Then comes earths medicines. In generations past herbal medicine were the medicine of the people, most  homes would have a herbal garden or forage local meadows and fields for the seasons medicines.  Today we are seeing a resurgence in home remedies. Herbs can be used to boost our bodies natural fighting system. Lets look at a few of my favorites some of which are in winters tonic Bug Beater

Echinacea Echinacea angustifolia & purperea – echinacea has become a mainstay for many during times of sickness, and rightly so, echinacea contains compounds which are antimicrobial, antiviral and immune stimulating, Helping to fight both bacterial and viral infections. You can find echinacea in capsule, cough drops, tablets, teas and tinctures. Echinacea is suited to deep set infections which can often be behind a poorly fighting immune system

Elder Sumbucas nigra – the bark, leaves, berries and flowers of the Elder are all used medicinally. For winter the flowers help to diffuse a fever while the berries are a delightful immune booster.. Elderberry syrup is available to buy or you can make your own.  A daily dose of this traditional elixir will have you fighting strong in no time.

Garlic Allium sativum  – the herbalist of ye olde would hang a picture of a garlic outside to advertise thier sevices. So beloved was the gifts this herbs has.  Daily use aids the body in a way no other herbs does. Use generously in all meals, take 3 daily doses of garlic oil capsule (or garlic cloves for the brave) and you will be fighting like rambo against those winter viruses.

Rosehip Rosa canina – High in vitamin C rosehips is the wholefood source of this vitamin which will surpass any commercial supplement.

So rug up and get these wonderful wholefoods into you, Take your daily garlic , a spoonful of elderberry syrup of a dropperfull of Bug Beater. You can drink rosehips and elderflowers tea as you watch the autumn sun set  and call out to the world Come on Winter, Im ready!

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