Herbs For Autumn
Ally Sanchez Herbalist and Nutritionist

Written by Ally Sanchez

Hi, I'm Ally Sanchez. I'm a herbalist and nutritionist based in the Blue Mountains helping individuals and families get the health and wellbeing they deserve.

Energies of Autumn

In Autumn the expanding energy of summer begins to turn inwards. Our plants are reflecting this same energetic principle, energy returning into the roots from leaves and flowers the closer we get to winter. 

In traditional medicines we acknowledge the cycles of nature are intertwined with our own cycles of health and healing.

A Time of Harvest

Autumn being the time of harvest we reflect on what we have harvested over the spring and summer. Be that emotionally harvested such as love, confidence. Physically harvested such as fitness or spiritually harvested such as a meditation habit. There is the very practical harvesting too such as a garden of produce or a project we took on.

A time of Contemplation and Release

As the leaves fall from the trees, autumn is a time to contemplating and letting go. This may be a time to release ourselves of unrealistic goals, a time to release ourselves of one-sided relationships. A time to forgive others as we walk towards winters coldness and need for healthy relationships

Put time aside to consider what you have harvested and what you need to release. This may mean grief or sadness enter for awhile. Acknowledge these emotions and as the trees shed thier leaves shed your inner pain for forgivenss and healing.

Creating the space to move forward and grow.

Herbs of Autumn

Autumn we focus on strengthening our respiratory system to fight off coughs and colds. We learn from our sisters and brothers from TCM, and as seen in iridology, the lungs and colon are linked. As one breathes in oxygen and hope, the other allows waste and pain to be released.

Autumn is the first harvest of roots, seeds and berries

Echineace root and Ariel parts – to build our immune system

Sage leaves – an upper respiratory weapon.

Thyme leaves – for those lungs

Elecampane – particularly good when chest infections happen to asthma sufferers

Fennel – to release gas and discomfort as we switch to the earthier foods of cooler months.

Dandelion root – to stimulare liver and gallbladder, aids digestion and shifts stagnant emotions.

Rosehips berries – Rich in vitamin C makes a delicious cup of tea.

Hawthorn berries – heart food as we let the pain go.

We can nourish our bodies with many more plant ways. Please watch the video below on Autumns Health Tips and book in for an online or face to face consultation.

Below is a Video Sharing more Plant Magic for Autumn. Enjoy. 💚💚

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