Home Healer Course with Ally Sanchez

Home Healer Course with Ally Sanchez

Transform Your Life in 2024: Join Our Home Healer program

Embark on a transformative nine-month journey starting March 31st, 2024, and empower yourself with the ancient wisdom of classical herbal medicine, whole food nutrition, and natural health.

🌿 Discover Centuries-Old Wisdom: Delve into traditional methods that have stood the test of time, unravelling the mysteries of the human body’s response to illness.

🔬 Unlock the Secrets of Anatomy and Physiology: Gain insights into the intricate workings of the human body, laying the foundation for holistic health understanding.

🌱 Herbal Remedies and Nutritional Balance: Learn to discern the herbs and foods your body craves to achieve balance and healing, naturally nurturing yourself.

👩‍🔬 Hands-On Experience: Immerse yourself in practical medicine-making and theory, fostering both knowledge and confidence. We provide all the supplies and comprehensive notes.

🌿 Deepen Your Connection with Plant Medicine: 2024 can be the year you establish a profound connection with the healing power of plants.

🌟 Your Guide: Benefit from over two decades of expertise in the Natural Health world as Ally empowers you to become your own Home Healer.

🪙 Invest in Yourself: Secure your place in this intimate boutique class for just $300, with only eight spots available. Monthly installments of $190 begin in March 2024,

OR opt for a reduced one-time payment of $1800.

📩 Have Questions?: Reach out to us anytime. Your journey to self-healing begins here.

Don’t miss out on this life-changing opportunity. Reserve your spot today and embark on a path to lasting well-being and self-discovery. 🌱🌟

2024 Home Healer Course - Starting March 31st

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey towards becoming your own Home Healer? Join us for an enriching nine-month course drawing from over two decades of experience in the natural health world.

**Course Highlights:**

🗓️ Monthly In-Person Sessions: Every last Sunday of the month, from 9:30 am to 3:30 pm.
- Morning:Dive into theory sessions.
- Afternoon:Engage in various practical activities.
- All Supplies Provided:Create and take home your own herbal medicines.
- Comprehensive Notes:Receive monthly notes to build your Home Healer folder.
- Private Support:Stay connected through a private Facebook group for ongoing guidance.
- Access to an Herbal Library:Explore a wealth of herbal knowledge from our extensive library.

Course Outline:

March - History of Natural Health and the Taste of Herbs
- Explore the history of herbal medicine and natural health.
- Understand the significance of the tastes of herbs and how they relate to healing properties.
- Choose your herbal tea to take home, experience and record a monograph.

April - Respiratory System
- Study the anatomy and functions of the respiratory system.
- Learn the 6 tissue states and respiratory illness patterns.
- Create elderberry syrup to take home.

May - Digestive System
- Delve into the crucial role of the gut in overall health.
- Explore the anatomy and physiology of the digestive tract.
- Sample fermented foods and take home kefir granules.

June - Skin
- Discover the functions of the skin, our largest organ.
- Make ointments, infused oils, and lip balms to care for your skin.

July - Reproductive Health
- Explore reproductive health from tweens to menopause, including prostate health.
- Learn how to bring these systems back into balance.
- Formulate your choice of tonic from a variety of herbs.

August - Emotions and Mental Health
- Understand the connection between mental and physical health.
- Explore the impact of emotions on specific organs.
- Experience herbal footbaths and create your own Bach flower essences.

September - Detoxification Pathway
- Learn about the concept of detoxing and cleansing.
- Understand the body's detoxification pathways.
- Taste-test juices and smoothies and take home detox herbs.

October - Vitality and Energy
- Explore the secrets of healthy aging and food as medicine.
- Discover how lifestyle and diet impact vitality.
- Hear from a guest speaker living a vibrant life.

November - Wild Weeds and Home Tincture Making
- Venture outdoors for an outdoor adventure.
- Identify common weeds and their healing benefits.
- Craft herbal tinctures using folk and professional methods.

Why Take This Course?

- Deepen your knowledge of natural health, folk remedies, and food as medicine.
- Build a foundation for a lifelong journey of natural therapies.
- Learn how to prevent chronic lifestyle diseases and prioritize your health.
- Benefit from face-to-face learning with experienced guidance.
- Reconnect with ancestral knowledge and reduce reliance on pharmaceuticals.
- Make informed health choices for yourself and your loved ones.

Let's revive the empowering wisdom of plant-based healing. Join us on this enlightening journey of self-discovery and well-being.

Ready to take the next step? Book your free Home Healer discovery call via the booking link to learn more and secure your spot in the 2024 Home Healer course.

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