Home Healer Course with Ally Sanchez

Home Healer Course with Ally Sanchez

Teaching you to Heal Yourself

9 month course

Allow me to draw from my twenty years of experience working in the Natural health world to empower you to become your Home Healer.

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Home Healer


If you're interested in the Home Healer course for 2023, please go to the home page of this website and scroll to the bottom, and you will find the waitlist, which will keep you updated. 

Or email me, contact@allysanchez.com.au 


Teaching you to Heal Yourself
9-month course

$225 a month, early bird offering announced October 2022

One-off payment $1,800

Let me draw from my twenty years of experience working in the natural health world to empower you to become your Home Healer.

Home Healer Includes:

  • Monthly face-to-face sessions on a Sunday
  • Morning - Theory
  • Afternoon - various practical
  • All supplies provided to create and take home medicines
  • Notes each month to put in your Home Healer folder (provided)
  • Support through a private Facebook group or similar (discussed the first day)
  • Access to the herbal library of over a hundred books

Course Outline

Subjects adapted to suit the class of the year.

March - History of natural health and the Taste of Herbs – take home teas
The taste of herbs helps to demystify the use and language of herbal medicines. We taste herbal examples of bitter, sour, sweet, salty and pungent and learn the healing qualities of each one. You can choose a herbal tea to take home with you.

April - Respiratory system – make your elderberry syrup.
The respiratory system is the perfect way to introduce the concepts of the six tissue states - heat/excitation, dry/atrophy, wind/tension, damp/relaxation, damp/stagnation, and cold/depression. Understanding the tissue states allow you to choose the right herb for your cough. The tissue states will continue to be used throughout the course.  Make your elderberry syrup to take home to use

May - Digestive system - Kefir granules
Health begins in the gut. Why does this statement underpin many of the philosophies of natural healing? This is a BIG class with lots of theory, but it is a super interesting system, and I keep it fun. Discuss the best diet to heal the gut, and take home your kefir granules to make your own gut-friendly drink.

June  - Skin - ointment, infused oil, lip balm
The skin is our largest organ, protecting our insides, sensing touch and injury. We will discuss all the functions of our skin and how we can look after the skin you are in. A more practical lesson after last month's theory-heavy. We will make an ointment, infused oil and lip balm to take home.

July - Reproductive health - tincture making
Tweens to Menopause, Prostate health and more, our reproductive systems like to take us on a ride. We will look into how these systems can get off track and how we can love them back. Today we will make our herbal blends from my dispensary of 100 plus extracts.

August - Emotions and Mental health - herbal baths
An important topic for a time when our world is more connected than ever, yet people are feeling more disconnected than ever. Our mental health impacts our physical health. Learn which organs are affected by which emotions and how we can support our bodies and minds.  Herbal baths/footbaths can be used to calm the nervous system, and take one home to try.

September - Detoxification pathways - Spring is the time for a good cleanse. We will do a week-long cleanse together this month. Learn about the concept of 'detoxing/cleansing' and the hows and whys we do this. The class will taste test some juices and smoothies. Detox herbs supplied for your cleanse
Spring is the traditional time to support the detoxification pathways after the heavy winter.

October - Vitality and Energy - healthy ageing, food as medicine.
Most of us will grow old, but we can choose to age with vitality or sickness. What’s your choice? Lifestyle and diet are important to feel amazing into your 70/80/90s and beyond.

November -  Wild Weeds - outdoor adventure, identifying common weeds and their healing benefits. You will be surprised what is already growing in your garden, especially the neglected parts.

Why do this course?

Not long ago, every home, or if not your direct neighbour, had a healer who understood the basics of herbal medicines and good nutrition.

The pharmaceutical industry, the industrial revolution, and parents working full-time are a few reasons we have lost this empowering way of life. Let’s work together to bring plant knowledge back home again.

Understand how your body works and the uses of plant medicines to heal yourself and those you love.

Disconnect from reliance on pharmaceuticals and return to the knowledge of your ancestors.

Make the best health choices for your family.

If you're interested in the Home Healer course for 2023, please email me contact@allysanchez.com.au. or scroll down the home page and find the signup page

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