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Prioritise your health & wellbeing

I use a holistic mix of natural health modalities to evaluate your health and create a customised plan for improved health and vitality.

Herbal Medicine

For thousands of years, herbs and plants have been used to treat illness and disease, and improve health and vitality. 

During an initial consultation, I take a full health history and use a broad range of natural health modalities to unearth imbalances in the body. 

Then I create individualised herbal tonics and teas to help your body heal itself. 


Having studied plant medicine for 20+ years, and completed a Graduate Certificate in Human Nutrition at Deakin University, I’m able to combine traditional medicine and modern science to guide you on your journey to better health.

After taking your full health history, and understanding your health goals, I will recommend foods to help restore and refresh your body and mind.

I don’t recommend restrictive diets or follow food trends – I treat the whole person with nourishing, life-giving, restorative foods.


The colours, patterns and other characteristics of your iris (the coloured part of your eye) can help identify the systems and organs of the body that may be overactive, underactive, inflamed, or distressed.

Your whole body, including your tongue, pulse, face, and general demeanor all form part of your health story.

This holistic approach allows me to customise a plan to improve your overall health and wellbeing.

Cancer Support

Traditional herbal medicine can work hand-in-hand with modern pharmaceuticals to give you peace of mind and improved wellbeing.

As cancer thriver myself, I know how critical it is to support your body before, during and after cancer treatment.

If your choice is to forgo or customise modern cancer treatment I am here to offer holistic support and advice. 

Let me journey alongside you and use natural therapies to help reduce the side effects of cancer treatment and improve your wellbeing.

Get the Good Health & Wellbeing you Deserve

Health Workshops in the Blue Mountains

Home Healer Course

Home Healer Course with Ally Sanchez

Teaching you to heal yourself.

Enrol now at Early Bird Prices to begin learning March 2023!

9 month course

Allow me to draw from my twenty years of experience working in the Natural health world to empower you to become your Home Healer.

Home Healer Includes:

  • Monthly face to face sessions on a Sunday
  • Morning – Theory
  • Afternoon – Medicine making
  • All supplies provided to created and take-home medicines each month
  • Workbook each month
  • Support through private Facebook group or similar (discussed first day)
  • Access to herbal library of over a hundred books

To register your interest for the next course, email Ally at

Why use Herbal Medicine & Nutrition for Better Health?

Long before the marvels of modern medicine, individuals, families and communities used herbal medicine and nutrition to improve health and wellbeing. Herbal Medicine and better nutrition can help with the following health conditions:

Ageing with Vitality

Stress and Adrenal Overload


Hormonal Health


Anxiety and Depression


Digestive Issues

Immune Support

Chronic Infections


Pain and Inflamation




Cancer Support