Legumes and their Health Benefits

Vegetable Barley Soup

The eyes are the windows to the soul; keep yours nice and clear.

Keep your eyes healthy by:

Eat a diet high in fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables contain all the nutrients that protect the body from free radical damage. Healthy eye herbs – eyebright, bilberry, fennel, and ginkgo biloba

Exercise regularly. Keep the blood and oxygen pumping around the body. This will help maintain good vision, reduce stress, keep a healthy weight, and give you energy.

Get enough sleep. Sleep is essential for maintaining healthy eyesight, so make sure you get at least 7 hours of sleep each night.

Don’t smoke or be around others smoking.  It can cause cataracts as well as other eye problems.


This veggie soup contains lots of eye-loving foods such as; carrots, spinach, pumpkin, and wholegrain barley.



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